Ergonomic Assessments


In a basic assessment, we use our 12 point check system to ensure you are in the best ergonomically correct position you can be with your current equipment in place. As we create changes to your space, we will show you how and why the adjustments were made, so that you can re-adjust these in the future if needed.

What's included? ​

  • A checklist of the changes that were made to your office space

  • A checklist of recommended equipment


  • $90.00 per individual assessment

  • $75.00 per assessment when booked in groups of 5 or more


An advanced ergonomic assessment includes all the elements of the basic ergonomic assessment, but is recommended for anyone with pre-existing health concerns or injuries. This allows the therapist conducting the assessment to gather a more thorough medical history from the client, including what the client has already attempted to do to manage pain. The therapist can then offer additional strategies to the client, including: stretches, exercises, or community referrals.  The therapist can also make recommendations around noise & light sensitivity, and managing interruptions to work flow.

What's included? ​

  • A detailed report of how the worker's current injury is impacted by their ergonomic set up, workflow, and current treatment approaches

  • A list of recommended equipment and strategies for managing pain which may include: stretches, exercises, or community referrals


  • $200.00 per individual assessment 

Sitting Ergo Check.png

What are the benefits? ​

  • Reduces neck, back and shoulder pain

  • Helps to prevent repetitive strain injuries

  • Increased comfort leads to increased productivity

Standing Ergo Check.png

Is there coverage for this service? 

  • Many companies promote heath and wellness and will cover the cost of your ergonomic assessment. Check with Human Resources or Occupational Health and Safety to help determine if this is something covered by your employer. 

  • Check if you can use your flexible health spending account towards this service

  • If you were injured at work and are experiencing discomfort as a result of said injury, WCB should cover the cost of your ergonomic assessment. Contact your case manager to find out more.

What should I know if I'm a company who wants this service for my employees? 

  • Employees feel valued when employers choose to prioritize their health and comfort 

  • If you have a corporate discount through Staples, Grand and Toy or another vendor, we are happy to make equipment recommendations specific to the company you are partnered with, just let us know about your request when booking! 

  • We offer flexible payment options and group discounts. Pay online with a credit card or receive a traditional invoice.