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Exposure Therapy

Do You Feel Like the World is an Unsafe Place?

You're not alone.


Some conditions such as PTSD and OCD can make us believe danger lurks around every corner.


Even if we know this is likely untrue, our bodies tell us otherwise, making us feel anxious, uncomfortable and disassociated when trying to get through basic errands like getting groceries or standing in line at the bank. 


Exposure therapy, is a community based treatment where you work alongside an occupational therapist to learn to feel safe and regulated when going out in the community or returning to the site or reminders of the site where trauma occurred. 

Moving People

What Are Some
Commonly Feared Places?


The Mall

A crowded space, bright lights, unpredictable noises, lots of movement - all of this can overwhelm our nervous system, as it tries to discern whether each sight, sound and person is safe or not. This makes the mall a popular place to avoid. 

Person Carrying Shopping Cart

The Grocery Store

Similar to the mall, grocery stores have lots of light, movement and sounds, compounded by the pressure to find and choose the items you need and then potentially wait in line, where its common to feel overwhelmed by a lack of control

Image by Yassine Khalfalli

Job Specific Items/Locations

Unfortunately, first responders such as police, firemen and paramedics are more likely to experience PTSD than many other populations because of what they witness on a day-to-day basis. PTSD can develop after a specific event or a cumulation of events, leading our body's to feel unsafe around any reminders of work such as lights and sirens, seeing people in uniforms, seeing first responder trucks etc.   

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