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What Is

Occupational Therapy? 

Occupational therapy is the profession that focuses on helping individuals to participate in the activities (occupations) most important to them by taking into consideration the persons values, mental health, physical health, cognitive abilities and the environment they are apart of. Occupational Therapy is holistic and treats the person as a whole.   


We all have various occupations that make up our day. Work, is an occupation, but so is drinking our cup of coffee and driving on our way there! As occupational therapists, we classify occupations into self-care (eating, sleeping, hygiene), productivity (work, school, or our "have to's") and leisure.  If you feel like your ability to participate in an occupation is being impacted by your environment, or your physical, mental, or cognitive well being, you're likely to benefit from working with an occupational therapist.



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For more information on occupational therapy you can also visit the following organizations' websites: 

There is often coverage for occupational therapy, however, many insurance providers and employers remain unclear around what an occupational therapist can do. To help bridge this disconnect, the Society for Alberta Occupational Therapists has pre-made letters for you to share with your insurance provider, union or employer, to ensure you can access the occupational therapy you need!

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