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Cognitive Rehabilitation

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Heading 4

If you or a loved one has had a concussion, brain injury or stroke, and are having difficulty resuming day-to-day tasks, an occupational therapist can help by providing cognitive exercises and compensatory strategies that will make those tasks more achievable. 


We can provide exercises and strategies for improving:

  • Memory

  • Attention

  • Planning and organization

  • Processing Speed

  • Vision

  • Reducing sensitivities to light, noise, and headaches  

  • Physical strength and coordination

We can also practice and come up with specific strategies for:

  • Developing daily routines 

  • Simple meal prep 

  • Grocery shopping

  • Taking public transportation

  • Banking   

  • Communicating and interacting with others 

  • Participating in whatever activity you've been missing most!

If you are on short or long term disability as a result of your concussion, brain injury, or stroke, or acquired your injury at work and have a claim with WCB, funding for rehabilitation may be available.  We are happy to speak with your adjuster if they are unsure what occupational therapy is and why it may benefit you. 

Cost: $180.00* per session ​​​


*Our goal is to make help easily accessible to you. If you do not have coverage for this service, we offer sliding scale pricing based on your annual income. Contact us directly to determine what this means for you.  . 


There are also some programs that you may qualify for that are run through the Government of Alberta. If you have not yet received assistance from the government, speak with your family physician to determine if you qualify for a program that would meet your needs. 


Even if one qualifies for a government program, they may still choose to access a private therapist when:

  • They want to be participating in active rehabilitation while on the wait-list to receive government services

  • They've used up what they were allotted through government programming, but still have goals they want to work on  

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