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In-Home Counselling

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When seeking out counselling, it is often because our ability to manage day-to-day tasks has become overwhelming. Setting aside time for a therapy session and the commute can make the idea of seeking the help you need feel even more daunting. By travelling to you, we take one less task off your plate, as we want you to feel that help is easily accessible. Online counselling is also available.   


The counselling we offer is based on principles from: 


We focus on the current challenges you are facing, and how these can be broken down to become more manageable. We may provide you with reflective exercises, teach you to build on your strengths, and give you new strategies and skills to make life feel more manageable again.  

Coverage for occupational therapy counselling may be available through your insurance provider, especially if you are on short or long term disability. We are happy to speak with your adjuster if they are unsure what occupational therapy is and why it may benefit you. 

Cost: $180.00* per session 

* Our goal is to make help easily accessible to you. If you do not have insurance coverage, we offer sliding scale pricing based on your annual income. Contact us directly to determine what this means for you.  

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